Reasons to shop from us

Twisted Oaks Ranch is located in De Leon Springs FL. We offer handmade soaps loved by both men and women as well as variety of bath accessories. Because our family and friends enjoyed using our soaps, demand grew. In 2006 we decided to expand our horizons and offer them to everyone. ​ We use “cold process” to make our soaps. All of our soaps are made with vegetable and/or nut oils. Our ingredients are selected for their exclusive properties and the way they perform together. They are meticulously measured, weighed and blended by hand. After much research, trial and error, we selected Olive oil, Coconut and Palm oils for our soap base. Olive oil is our main base oil. Coconut oil, produces a fluffy lather and helps to create a higher grade of soap. The third base oil is sustainable Palm oil. Palm oil has some of the same qualities as tallow. It produces a hard bar of soap and because it is less soluble in water it’s firmness holds up throughout use. Lastly, this is lye soap. Lye is the agent that turns oils into soap. and no, it doesn’t make our soaps harsh. Our base oils and perfectly matched nutrient oils make a luxurious yet affordable bar of soap. ​